Features Benefits
Wire-speed real-time inspection provided by a family of highly tuned software appliances. Ensures DDoS attacks are detected prior to impacting your network.
34+ Data sensor groups including layer 7 application level sensors plus an advanced configuration tool, which provides even greater control & customized signature creation capability. The Industry leading large number of sensors plus customization ability provide the capability to detect the most sophisticated attack form.
Default generic thresholds developed from our knowledge & experience, plus dynamic threshold optimization providing automatic optimization of sensor thresholds based on current threat levels and historical data archived from our world-wide deployment of HARPP DDoS Mitigator sensors (IP Reputation Network). Starts protecting your business immediately – minimizing your cost of implementation & ownership.
Ultra-fast and advanced anomaly engine supports both heuristic and non-heuristic
algorithms which use data sensor averages and source determination of anomalous traffic.
Provides complete protection against evolving, as well as network and application layer attacks.
Unique proportioning ability based upon historical data, averages (yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily etc) aids accuracy. Reduces administrator overhead and time consuming false alarms.
Geographical traffic classification provides both Country based and IP block based filtering abilities. Provides the ability for an organization to reduce the risk of attack by blocking potential attack sources.
IP reputation database queries 5 level exception lists (white and black lists) from greater than 2,000 sensor nodes located in large, medium and small user networks. Improves identification accuracy by recognizing potential threats prior to an attack. .
Integral DOS Intrusion Prevention System pattern signatures & Deep Packet Inspection Firewall with Layer 7 packet inspection, Stateful Packet Inspection, bandwidth management and full IPV6 support provide protection from all attack types including those seeking to exploit application and system vulnerabilities. Total protection ensures business confidence no matter the size of the organization.