In the globalizing world where everything is accessible online every moment, e-commerce sites are facilitating our lives meeting our daily requirements. This situation has influenced us all and led to the formation of a great online market. One of the reasons of rapid proliferation of e-commerce companies nowadays is that the personnel expenses are at the minimum level. As environments where financially inputs are many and outputs are little, it has attracted the interest of many investors and revealed many business ventures.

Attack Purpose

Increasing competition between e-commerce companies. situations like trying to get customers of each other lead to new methods. At the beginning of these methods comes the target of making the opponent applications deny to service, unavailable and unable to service by carrying out specific periodical attacks. In addition, online applications are under threat as active targets of attackers on another hand.

For e-commerce companies, it is important to plan the disaster scenarios and take the necessary measures before opening the service to internet environment for business sustainability in order to avoid interruption-sourced brand damages, loss of prestige and financial losses. They can take measures with DDoS Mitigator and if requested, with DDoS CERT service, they can ensure 365 days 7/24 monitoring of the service and intervention by the expert teams.