HARPP Cyber Warfare Intelligence

In information security, speed is an important aspect in order to rapidly take appropriate measures to develop a solution against current threats, and also in anticipating emerging threats.

Due to the very widespread use of the internet, and reduction in the prevalence of closed-circuit networks, we can observe that the “Cyber War” concept (once seen only in science fiction movies) has become a part of our daily lives. Not just individuals or Corporations, but also Countries are trying to harm each other, or obtain valuable information through cyber crime.

It is therefore essential to continually improve your protection systems, ensure your knowledge is relevant and up-to-date, and to take appropriate measures in advance in order to eliminate the constantly changing threat. There is a need to move faster and keep ahead of the “Cyber enemy”, anticipate & eliminate potential dangers by thinking like them. In our “Cyber Warfare Intelligence Lab” we are researching, simulating and then developing the most important analysis and decision components of our cyber defense tools, specific to your environment. Our aim is to develop and prepare measures by anticipating future developments and to avoid being caught unprepared of new threats. The HARPP DDoS Mitigator anti-DDoS appliance comes from this laboratory and is developed byour extensive R & D team. Our highly qualified and expert team will continue to anticipate future threats and enhance our security products appropriately, providing you with a level of support that you can trust.