At the beginning of the primary targets of DoS/DDoS attacks, institutions which have financial risk are coming.

Attacks made to the institutions which are customer-oriented, have critical infrastructures which store valuable information, goods, and money of the customer and have the duty to protect these, are enhancing their impacts day by day and improving their methods.

Institutions which have financial risk;

  • · Global/Local Banks
  • · Institutions Engaged in Intermediation in Trading to Domestic and Overseas Markets
  • · Credit Card Organizations
  • · Money Transfer Organizations
  • · B2B (Business-to-Business) Organizations (Marketing and Selling between Businesses)

are taken as the primary target.

Financial institutions are institutions where customer satisfaction must be at a high level with 365 days 7×24 uninterrupted service within their internal structure and which must not compromise on these subjects. Today, companies are usually dealing with IT security within the context of operational and financial plans in order to keep the increased expenses under control. However reputation must be prioritized and risk factors regarding the IT must be included in the organizational security models and the necessary investments must be made.

“Business Continuity Plan” which is mandatory for financial organizations today considers also terrorist attacks besides the natural disasters like fire, flood and earthquake as a threat in terms of sustainability but cyber attack issue which we miss and which is easily accessible, have major effects and may be main factor must be covered in the context of continuity plan. The deficit at this point must be noticed and taking measures must be the main goal. Deficits concerning the IT security may adversely affect the continuation of company operations directly. Accordingly, significant problems like loss of revenue, customer dissatisfaction and loss of reputation may arise.

The most important point of enterprise security today must be ensuring the availability of online services of companies and perpetuating it. DoS / DDoS attacks usually aim to make the services that the financial businesses serve in the online environment unavailable.

All the business plans which do not take the requirement of maintaining the availability of critical assets in the online environment into account are deficiently prepared. The risks and unavailability situations that may arise from this reasons will lead to large financial losses in your company. The companies may detect, and can classify and mitigate these attacks owing to DDoS attacks prevention solutions.

The network structures/addresses of B2B (Business to Business) which denotes all the transactions in marketing or sales applications between businesses; between individuals and institutions, in open network environment internet or in closed network environments accessible by a limited number of users, based on the processing, transmission and storage of digital data in the form of web text, sound and image and aims to create a commercial value are one of the target points of service interruption. At the lead of the attacks made to this type of online environments SYN Flood attack (aimed to fill the link) and HTTP GET Flood (aimed to http applications) service interruption is being targeted. This type attacks cause long-term interruptions and lead to financial and prestige loss of companies. Today, this type attacks are also conducted on the rival companies in order to capture market leadership, ensure competition and get customers.

It has great importance to run the processes taking the specified criteria into consideration in the evaluation and creation of business risk management plans which forms the fundamental of the business continuity plan of your organization.

Attack Purpose

Information and technology theft, sabotage, espionage, and loss of reputation, market manipulation and protest is aimed.

Results like discredit, loss of prestige is caused rather than espionage, sabotage, information and technology theft and loss of time with the targeted “Accessibility” fundamental.

Market manipulation, increasing competition between institutions shows up in the cyber world.