HARPP Management & Reporting

A key design objective was to produce a solution that was simple to install and administrate – which is why our HARPP DDoS Mitigator starts protecting your business immediately upon connection – minimizing your cost of implementation & ownership. A key-advantage over alternative products is in the HARPP DDoS Mitigator’s unique ability to dynamically learn and then tune its protection configuration.

During a sophisticated and complex DDoS attack, the ability to visualize traffic in historical, and also real-time provides important total insight and security. The HARPP DDoS Mitigator’s AVS™ (Attack Visualization System) provides multi-dimensional graphics through which the deep attack characteristics can be fully monitored and analyzed.

Management and Reporting

Installation Installation without changing the topology or
any other device configuration (no-change-deploy™)
‘Install-as-a-router’ Support
Interoperable with all standards-compatible network ‘
User Interface Web based dynamic user interface for configuration and monitoring

AVS™ (Attack Visualization System)

HTTPS/SSH Secure Management Support

Multilingual Management Interface

Operating system free management platform

Instant Monitoring Dynamic dashboard with pre-configured graphs

(both for WAN and LAN interfaces)

Quick picture of the system

– Number of connections

– Number of states

– Number of unique IPs

– Packet per second value

– Bandwidth per second value

– System load

Reports Ready report templates

Reporting engine with parametersUpdatesIP

Updates IP Reputation Database

DDoS Signature Database

DDI™ Engine

Advanced Firmware (Partially Upgradable)

No System Interruption for Firmware/Database

Logging Internal Logging Area
Internal Evidence Collection Area
Trusted Time Stamp
Central Management Remote Syslog Support
SNMP Support
Backup Automatic configuration backups
Restore the needed configuration easily