In current conditions, information became to mean as the most valuable weapon and power. The countries which do not develop its technology within itself are trying to meet their security appliances  that they need, from other countries. The purchased products cannot guarantee that they can secure the information in the background and therefore create a security vulnerability. They cannot protect their information/projects obtained as the results of long struggles for many years and intense R & D works. Also, from a different perspective, how ready they are against the probable attacks is also a mystery.

Attacks made to the institutions like the military which have the duty to protect all values of the country that have critical infrastructures are enhancing their impacts day by day and improving their methods. Institutions like NATO which are aware of the power and the dangers of the internet as much as international organizations are building armies for cyber war, preparing for a fight which will start in not only the military networks but in the whole public areas and the military intervention is mentioned against the cyber warfare.

Today, DoS/DDoS attacks are coming at the beginning of the most effective methods of cyber attacks. In these attacks “Accessibility” which is one of the three main fundamentals of security is targeted.

Attack Purpose

Political and diplomatic showdowns, espionage, sabotage, information and technology theft

Results like discredit, loss of prestige is caused rather than espionage, sabotage, information and technology theft and loss of time with the targeted “Accessibility” fundamental.

Political and diplomatic showdowns are showing up in the cyber world before the streets. Both the power struggles between the countries and independent and hidden powers are playing role in the formation of attacks of this type.

  • Political and diplomatic showdown
  • Information and technology theft
  • Discredit
  • Protest
  • Espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Hacktivizm