Superior Performance & Intelligence

Given the ever-increasing frequency & evolving complexity of DDoS attacks, the need for a fast and sophisticated detection & prevention engine is paramount. HARPP DDoS Mitigator’s industry leading DDI™ (Deep DDoS Inspection) Technology anomaly engine includes both heuristic and non-heuristic algorithms together with true real-time traffic analysis to ensure that detection & prevention occur prior to any attack reaching your network.

The HARPP DDoS Mitigator’s integral Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) identification capability ensures that even the most stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes are identified. Greater than 34 traffic sensors are continuously monitored and our unique predetermined & self-learning sensor algorithms utilise proportioning, historical and real-time data to ensure often previously unpredictable DDoS attacks are detected for cleaning, prior to any disruption.


Real-time Inspection Real time traffic analysis In time decision before DDOS floods reaches to firewall
Data Sensors 34+ data sensor groups under 4 categories Advanced configuration tool to make sensors fully controllable L7, application level sensors
Static Thresholds By default generic static thresholds experienced in different types of networks, traffics and attacks
Dynamic Threshold  Optimization Automatic optimization of sensor thresholds based on *threat level *historical records archived on sensors
Proportions Network Memory (Historical Data Collections) Averages (annual, seasonal, monthly, daily,..)
Anomaly Engine Heuristic and non-heuristic algorithms that use data sensor averages Source determination of anomalous traffics
Geographical Traffic Classification Country based filtering IP Block based filtering
IP Reputation IP reputation database queries 5 level exception lists (white and black list)
DOS IPS DDOS pattern signatures for attacks using application and system vulnerabilities
Deep Packet Inspection Firewall L7 Packet Inspection Stateful Packet Inspection Bandwidth Management Ipv6 support

Data Sensor Categories

Incomming packets TCP connections TCP clients DNS deep DoS/DDoS inspection
Outgoing pockets UDP connections UDP clients Commonly used ports inspections
TCP packets ICMP connections ICMP clients HTTP GET sensor
UDP packets Other connections Other clients HTTP POST sensor
ICMP packets Established TCP connections TCP established clients HTTP other words
Other packets TimeWait connections TimeWait clients L7 IPS sensors
IPv4 packets TCP SYN connections FinWait clients
IPv6 packets TCP other flags TCP SYN clients
Incoming bandwidth TCP other flagged clients
Outgoing bandwidth

During or after the cyber attack, DDoS Mitigator gives you the chance to deeply analyze the attack using the deductive case evidences including attacker IPs, attacker country, attack type and duration.